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What is the Scope of Activity of the Private Military Company Blackwater or Academy?

Dr. Elvin Abdurahmanlı

Diplomacy and Intelligence Expert

The private military company, which was later renamed “Blackwater” or “Academi”, is one of the most controversial security companies of recent years. In this article, the history, establishment, activities, controversial events, and subsequent developments of the Blackwater/Academi company will be examined.

Blackwater/Academi: A Dark Past

Blackwater USA (Later Xe Services LLC, Currently Academi LLC): Blackwater is a private military company based in the United States. The company Blackwater was founded in 1997 by Erik Prince, a former US Marine. The organization’s primary field of activity was security and military services. The company, which initially operated to provide security training and private security services, grew rapidly and began contracting with the US government and other states as a private military contractor. The company made various contracts with the US government and undertook security and protection duties, especially in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Fields of Activity

Blackwater became known for providing security, protection, and logistics support services during the ongoing wars with the US government in Iraq and Afghanistan. The company worked in the protection of American diplomats, convoy security, defense of government buildings, and a variety of other missions. Additionally, Blackwater operated private military training centers and provided private security training to individuals from different countries. However, the company has been on the agenda with various controversies and controversies, especially since the mid-2000s. Here are some important things you need to know about Blackwater.

Controversial Events Establishment

Although Blackwater was founded in 1997 by Erik Prince in North Carolina, the company later developed and specialized in private security, military training, and special military services. Iraq War: Blackwater began providing private security services in Iraq by making various contracts with the American government during the Iraq War, which started in 2003. The company’s employees were used to protect American diplomats and perform other duties. Controversies: Blackwater has caused controversy internationally and nationally due to various incidents. Particularly in the incident called the Nisour Square massacre in Baghdad in 2007, the death of 17 civilians when Blackwater employees opened fire on a crowd caused great controversy. In this incident, which occurred in Baghdad in 2007, Blackwater security personnel opened fire during a traffic stop, killing 17 Iraqi civilians and injuring many others. This incident was met with great anger by both the Iraqi people and the American public.

Legal and Administrative Investigations:

After the Nisour Square Massacre, legal proceedings were initiated against Blackwater personnel. In 2014, four Blackwater employees were charged with murder and other crimes. In 2015, these four employees were convicted and sentenced. Additionally, the company itself has been subject to various legal investigations.

Changing Identity: Academi

Blackwater Company changed its name to “Xe Services LLC” after the contra data and these negative opinions and negative events in the public. It was later renamed “Academi LLC”. Closing: In 2011, Erik Prince sold the company and renamed it Academi. The move was part of the company’s effort to create a less controversial profile. The name change was intended to improve the company’s image and move away from previous controversies. However, these changes did not end the controversy and the company’s reputation is still surrounded by question marks. Blackwater or Academi raised ethical and legal issues regarding the use of private military companies and emphasized the need for greater oversight and regulation of the activities of such companies. Therefore, Blackwater has historical significance and is considered an example reflecting the controversial nature of private military companies.


Ultimately, Blackwater/Academi represents a complex and controversial example of private military companies. As a matter of fact, the company’s history, legal investigations, and controversial events bring to the fore the ethical and legal problems of the private military sector. The Blackwater/Academy story continues to be a remarkable example of the activities of private military companies, and important questions are frequently raised regarding the oversight and control of such companies. Civilians were killed as a result of secret or covert operations carried out by the organization, but the events were covered up by both the US authorities and the Pentagon, which funded the company.

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